“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

It always frustrates me to hear people say: I wish I could do ________ but I don’t have the time.  If you really want to do something, then you carve out the time.  I find it especially frustrating hearing it from people who don’t really have that much call on their time when I am desperate for time to create.  I wish I could suck up the wasted time from other people and use it for my own purposes.  Between working a full-time job on a split shift with my husband to keep our son out of daycare, caring for said son in the evening, and juggling the many pulls on my creative soul, I horde my minutes of creation like a dragon hovering over it’s treasure.  Thus I get cranky and tend to say to those people: “You can create.  It’s hard to start, but put down the T.V. remote, don’t play that video game, give up your poker night every other week and sit down and create.  OR do all those things and bring the creative work with you.”  Yes, I was the dork in undergrad that would bring her homework with her to midnight bowling, and in grad school, I brought school reading and sketching homework to work on during the Super Bowl party (I was only interested in the food and the commercials anyway).  You can do anything you set your mind to it.  The trick is being willing to do the work involved.

That being said, my soft deadline for releasing my first written offerings (a novella and an illustrated poetry collection) keeps getting pushed out.  I’ve set myself the very modest goal of writing 250 words a day, and my novella is inching closer to completion, but there are days when motherhood gets in the way of even that modest goal.  We’ve had teething, a growth spurt, more teething, a bout of Hand Foot Mouth disease, more teething, travelling across time zones throwing off our sleep schedules, and now a run of what I’m dubbing “travel plague” leaving my poor 17 month old with horrible intestinal issues.  Throw into the mix a handful of commissions over the past couple of months that HAVE to come before any other creative work, and the release date keeps getting pushed back.  I’m starting to get frustrated, especially on the evenings that I have no time for any creative release at all, but I keep inching and crawling forward.  The work will get done.  It won’t be done as fast as I want it to be, and I refuse to rush and release subpar work, but it will get done.

I create because I have to, because I feel empty inside and get very emotional when I don’t.  It’s how I connect to the Universe.  If you want to create, seize your opportunities as they come and create.  Your brain and soul will thank you.  And if you are one who says “I don’t have the time”, admit to yourself that you can always make time and that there are deeper issues that are blocking you from fulfilling your desires.


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