As-yet-unnamed Novella-in-Progress Concerns

I tend to worry (a lot!) ahead of time, and I have since I was a little girl.  I think part of it stems from being someone who likes to plan.  I love lists; I love imagining future possibilities and planning for those futures even if they never come to be.  And because I know this about myself, I work very hard to balance those OCD tendencies with enjoying and living and thriving in the “here and now” to off-set those nagging future concerns.  But sometimes the voice in my head will not be quiet.

So current concerns with my WIP:

  1. This is my first novella.  For me, a novel is all about the characters and how they grow and develop over the course of an arching story.  A short story is all about one idea or theme that the characters support.  I’m having trouble finding out where the novella balances on that scale for my own personal reference.  The main character definitely grows and you learn enough about her past to appreciate where she’s coming from, but the theme is definitely really important, too.  The story and I have decided to just let it be as it will be, and hopefully by the end of this experience, I’ll have my answers.
  2. Along those lines, I’m used to very much outlining novels and not outlining at all for my short stories.  I’ve done a “happy medium” for this novella, but I’m worried I’m not world-building enough.
  3. I’m writing in a tense I’ve never written in before as an experiment, and I’m worried that people will read it and think it reflects all of my writing, and then be disappointed when they read my later works.
  4. I’m 99% certain that this novella is going to end up being YA.  It’s a market I’ve never considered before, and I’m somewhat prejudiced against it (although I’m slowly coming around).  But I very much believe in writing the story as it wants to be written and then figuring out where to market it afterwards.

So yeah, all of these worries are creating a maelstrom in the back of my mind.  My willpower forces these worries down and tells me just to finish the damn story before worrying, but I know each worry can bubble up at any time.

What do you do to cope with the doubts in your brain?


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