State of the Nation

I have not watched the presidential debates, and I have been avoiding social media like the plague for hours after.  I choose instead to read the transcripts the following day and then investigate the lies told by both sides.  With the internet, it is surprisingly easy to do so.  I shouldn’t be surprised that more people don’t do this research, but if I scroll down to the comment section on any news article, I can clearly see that it isn’t happening.

This has been yet another very ugly political race.  Emotions are running high on both sides.  As someone who desires Truth-with-a-capital-T above all else, I find the lies and the spin put on facts very hard to bear from both sides.  I find the name calling from both sides ugly.  And I find the divide and conquer tactics from both sides very troubling.  And I fear that no matter who is elected, the United States is going to lose.

We don’t have leaders in politics right now.  We don’t have any visionaries.  We don’t have any people willing to look to the future and the present at the same time.  What we have are two very flawed political parties with their hands very deep into the pockets of big business.  What we have are people who keep trying to put Band-Aids over a gaping belly wound.

I lean towards the Democratic side on several issues (although I am surprisingly a “true conservative” on several others), but mostly because the current Republican stance on women frightens me.  Though frankly, I’m disgusted by both parties at this point.  Neither party supports common sense or actually getting to the root of problems.  Neither is above manipulating people.

I honestly feel like if you want to be a politician, you should automatically be disqualified from ever becoming one.  I’m sick of being told that I need to choose “the lesser of two evils”.  We deserve better as a population.  We need to get some smart, creative people making decisions, and we need to work together across party/generational/race/class lines to succeed as a nation.   The question remains though if we’ll ever be able to do that.


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