Rough draft is finished!

The rough draft for my still untitled novella is finally finished!  Tonight begins the round of excruciating edits and rewrites.  Usually the editing process goes very fast for me, but in this case, I’m thinking it will take a little longer.  Due to the choppy, piecemeal way I was forced to write this story, it needs a lot of work.  Paragraphs need to be added where there is only a single line or two, and vice versa.  The hope is that a title will brilliantly come to me during this process, but that remains to be seen.  I’d like to believe that I can do this stage of edits by the end of this week, but with Halloween costume making and being in the midst of night-weaning, I’m thinking it will be more like two weeks.  Then my husband (a fellow writer) takes a pass at it before coming back to me, then I send it out to an editor, then back to me, then maybe one more round to my husband before a final look through by me.

I get to start dreaming of book covers now, and I need to get my checklists for publishing done.  Yay progress!

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