Things I Need to do ASAP

  1. Clean up my sites: list all my social networking icons on each site, tweak my bio on the other sites, etc.  And lo and behold Cristian Mihai recently posted this blog on Social Media which is a great way for me to get started.
  2. Along with the social networking, I need to talk with the husband about Facebook for all of our various projects.  We have a few fan pages, but since Facebook now charges exorbitant highway robbery prices to reach your entire fan base, that seems a less-than-ideal way to go.  The obvious solution for my Kat Micari stuff would be to just friend everyone who is a fan, but that won’t work for our other page.  And do we then add Google+ or other various social media?  I don’t know, but it’ll be decided by the end of the weekend.
  3. I will start sketching, doing my Morning Pages, writing, playing music, meditating, and exercising every day, starting this Sunday, even if it’s just five minutes of each and even if my Morning Pages don’t happen until 8:30PM, unless my son has made me so exhausted that I need to go straight to bed, in which case I will pick up immediately the following day.  The important thing is to make each of these a habit  (according to research, this will take 21 days).
  4. I need to make serious progress on organizing myself.  The goal is still to finish this by the end of November, and some work has been accomplished, but there is still so much more to go.

I just wanted to get these things down so I can remember them.


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