Can You Feel TOO Much?

We here in the northeastern part of the United States braced yesterday for Sandy’s arrival.  My city didn’t get hit severely at all, but everything yesterday just felt weird to me.  Generally, I like a strong storm, but I was worried for my friends in NYC and I was feeding on the emotions of others – my co-workers, the girl who checked me out at the store and was freaking out, the endless stream of speculation via social media.

I’m incredibly empathic.  My mood can change in a flash depending on how others are feeling around me.  I sense the energy output of other people in strange ways, and this is why I tend to retreat at times.  I can’t let myself read the news too frequently.  It’s not a matter of burying my head in the sand or being in denial but that I hurt when I find out about children dying, when I read about the hatred people feel towards others who are different, when I scroll down and read the vitriol left in the comment sections on news articles.  If I didn’t deliberately shield myself from these things, I would become bogged down in depression and despair.  I know the ugly side of humanity, but I refuse to allow myself to dwell there.

Anyway, the nervous energies from yesterday set me on edge.  That coupled with grogginess from the storm made it a not-so-productive day/evening for me.  I just enjoyed my time with my son when I got home from work, did a little housework, caught up on emails, and did some prep work on future creative work.  Hopefully tonight will bring more focus.  I’m getting close to finishing the rough draft of my book, I’m dying to dive into my illustrations for my poetry collection tonight, and I promise some more meaty blogposts in the near future.


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