On Civil Discourse

A majority of Americans seem to have lost the ability to hold rational, well-thought out discussions and arguments.  This thought has been brought to my mind MANY times during this election, and I am already gearing up for the ugliness to come tonight, no matter which candidate wins.

I love a good debate.  I am a very opinionated person, and I love to pick apart other people’s arguments, sometimes simply for the sake of doing so.  But I also am willing to admit that I am wrong and to change my position, and this is partially why I pick things apart so thoroughly in a discussion.  If you’ve got an opinion that is supported by facts, or you are looking at it from a different perspective that I havn’t before considered, then I may amend my viewpoints.  It’s how I grow as a human being.  It seems though that this is rare.  Most people want to just spout their opinions, with little fact to back up their viewpoint, and then refuse to listen to the other person talking.  There is so much noise that it seems impossible to find a steady path through the fog.  I rely on my inner compass to help me find my way, but I think a lot of people have broken compasses.

I believe that humanity is balanced on the edge of a knife right now, and that we will find out in our lifetimes which way we’ll fall.  I hope we’re able to push forward as a species, but I’m not optimistic of our ability to do so.

Regardless of how tonight’s election turns out, please try to express your opinions and feelings in a non-antagonistic way.  Families and friendships have already been torn apart by this presidential race, and there is no reason to add salt to already raw and open wounds.


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