Am I Just Blocking or What?

I’ve been feeling an overwhelming urge to organize all aspects of my life lately.  Craft area, paperwork, clothing, accessories, general housekeeping – everything seems in disarray and has been since before our last move (June 2011).  Probably not least of all, I set myself a hard goal of wanting to be organized by the end of this month.  We’ve made lots of progress, but there is only so much organizing that one can do during the available hours when a toddler isn’t running around.

I also have a really strong desire to make this holiday season a “very merry homemade” one.  In my teen and early adult years, I loved making twenty or so gifts for my relatives and close friends, but in recent years, I haven’t had the time.  But we’ve been too broke to purchase especially meaningful gifts.  So I have grand plans.

And I’m still in the midst of finishing up edits on my novella (halfway done on first edits, yay!) and SLOOOOOOWLY penciling my illustrations for my poetry collection.  I know once the pencils are done, the inking will be a much swifter process simply because that’s the way I work, so I’m getting closer.  But the distraction of my clutter, lack of good work space, and desire to be giving back to my loved ones this year are all pulling at me so I am having a hard time getting anything accomplished.

I’m really wondering if these distractions are just that: distractions from my brain as a way to prevent myself from actually getting my work out there.  Or is the organization issue a necessary one to allow me to accomplish more in the long term?

Regardless, it’s been a strange journey navigating the desires of my heart and soul in recent months.  It’ll be interesting to see where all of my efforts lead as we move towards the end of the year.


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