Creative Needs in a Modern Life

The daily grind can wear you down so much.  There are times when I am done with work that I just want to go home, numb myself with some wine and some TV, and go to sleep.  There are times when stressing about our finances makes me cry.  We’re not going hungry (and we never will because I’m a very creative and resourceful person, and I put feeding nourishing food to my family at the top of my list of priorities), but being only one step ahead of financial disaster is a constant burden on my soul.  And every day, there are a thousand tiny pinpricks of negativity adding to the weight.

Creative work is WORK.  It takes a lot of effort to pick up the pen or paintbrush or musical instrument or sit at a blank word document and create at the end of a full day’s mind and soul-numbing, underpaid job.  It takes work to rise above the numbness created by our constant bombardment of “never-being-good-enough’s” fueled by our media and big corporations.  It takes stamina and perseverance to be able to hear your true inner voice amid the noise of our greater society.  And yet the work is worth it.  It is worth it because it has to be.  Otherwise, what are any of us doing here?

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