Writers’ Retreat

Yesterday, when we arrived to our cottage (kindly lent to us by my husband’s aunt), I finished the handwork on the gifts I was giving my friends today, and then I put the finishing touches on the snacks we brought.  Then we were eating said snacks.  So no actual writing happened until today, but that’s all right.

I finished my hand-written notes (got a HUGE chunk of time during my son’s nap, yay!), and the remainder of today/tonight will be going through my document and making those changes, re-writing and adding where I need to do so, and hopefully finishing up my entire draft before the end of the night, with maybe enough time left for sketching before going to bed.

Tomorrow, before we leave, I would like to try my hand at a poem or two, possibly to add into my soon-to-be released collection.  There is just a lot going on right now in regards to both the budget here in the U.S. and the response to the school shooting, and I need to process both. If there is time, I will also delve a little bit more into the next project (graphic novel).

I started getting down on myself a little because the projects that I’m currently working on are the exact same ones that I was beginning to work on during our last New Year’s retreat.  It seems to me that I should have been able to finish a novella and a poetry collection in one year.  But I realized that if I think like that, then I will never finish anything.  Better to have it take twice as long as I anticipate than to never begin at all.

For right now, I’m going to get my son’s snowsuit on and go out and play with him for a little bit.  My mind needs a break.


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