Creative Accountability

When one embarks on a life of creativity, it can be helpful to have someone to talk with about your progress, a fellow creative soul that will be your cheerleader in times of doubt, will be the kick to your butt when you get lazy and procrastinate, and will be your thorough (kind but honest) critic when you need one.  If you can have more than one person like this in your life, then you can count yourself fortunate!

If you feel like you are floundering in your creative work, search out a like-minded writer or artist that lives near you if possible, or even just join some online forums where you can live-chat with others going through the same thing you are.  Try to set up regular meeting times where you can talk about your work and be a cheerleader for others’ works.  Build a community, help others along their path, and be willing and open to be helped along your own path. 

This is probably the biggest lesson I came away with from my writers’ retreat this weekend.  It’s been a rough couple of days, both sleep-wise (my son’s started in on his two year molars) and because coming back to reality after these weekends is depressing.  To have a couple of days of living the life we want, focusing entirely on our creative work and on our son and on joyful companionship with dear friends and then returning to the drudgery of jobs and chores and daily stress is always difficult.  But it just spurs us to work harder and hold ourselves accountable to eventually live the life we want every day.


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