We Can Never Be Truly Free of Judgement or Bias

So, by now, many of you who have been reading me may think that “Gee, Kat’s so nice and constructive and positive and open-minded and sensible most of the time” and while that is how I try to live my life, I also willingly acknowledging that I am not free of biases or prejudices.  But I’m not generally biased towards race or gender (with one exception that I can’t shake, which I’ll explain later) as I prefer to take each person as an individual, and I have to admit that I haven’t made much effort to shake these predispositions in my mind.

Since I am determined to be honest with myself and with all of you, this entry is to chronicle a list of my current biases/prejudices, partially to help point out where I can work on being a better human being but also to be humorous (without being too offensive!!!).  So here we go.

  • Here is my one racial bias – as a woman, I am leery of groups of just men on the street when I am walking alone or with only a couple other females, especially at night.  When I see a group of white men, I am more likely to fear being raped, whereas if I see other ethnic varieties, I am more afraid of just getting robbed/maimed/killed.  This is purely based on statistics I learned in high school.  Does this make me a horrible human being?  Maybe.  I prefer to think not.
  • I am highly intolerant of intolerance, whether it comes from a current power player or a minority with a chip on their shoulder.  We will never truly level the playing field for individuals as long as people marginalize other groups or carry big chips on their shoulders.  My intolerance of intolerance leads directly to:
  • Jerks on the internet.  If you are a troll hiding behind the mask of anonymity and talk about how much you want to rape a female politician or how fat some celebrity’s body looks in a bikini or mock minorities/gays/people with disabilities, I am big time judging you to be an asshole.  Regardless of how nice you are in real life, you are a closet asshole, so you may as well be honest with yourself and everyone else and get some help for the major life issues you clearly have.
  • This is an aside, but I am judging you if you are obsessed with anything to exclusivity – if you only read YA or watch reality TV or buy Apple products, talk about said obsession all the time, feel like you can’t live without said obsession (as in planning your life around it), then I think you are foolish and a sheeple.  Think for yourself, expand your horizons.  And please note, I said EXCLUSIVELY.  If you read YA or watch reality TV along with other genres, then we all have our guilty pleasures and please, have at it.  I will not judge you… too much.
  • Tying into the Apple statement above – if you feel like you can’t live without your cell phone/tablet/laptop for anything other than work-related activities, then I am judging you that you need a life.  I can’t STAND when people are on a date and the girl is texting for ten minutes straight while the boy just sits there glumly.  Which ties into
  • Constant texting – in the theater, on the mass transit system, while driving, while at the park supposedly watching your kids – this is rude in certain situations and dangerous to yourself and others in others.  Seriously, if you can’t live without texting, don’t go out of the house.  I highly doubt you are giving your grandma’s doctor instructions on open-heart surgery, so there’s really no need for it, except to make yourself feel desired.
  • Finally, and this is what really got me started thinking about this list – if you drive a jacked-up pickup truck for “fun” (meaning not necessary for your line of work) or a Hummer then I am SO judging you, doubly so if it’s a newer model bought after gas prices hit.  If you are a man, you obviously have a tiny penis, and if you are a woman, you have daddy issues, and both genders show just how little concern they have for anyone other than themselves.

I do look at each of these situations individually as they arise (could someone have INHERITED that urban assault vehicle and that’s all they have to drive?) but these are my knee-jerk reactions when I witness/experience each.

What are some of your personal biases and prejudices?  You can tell me.  I won’t be judging you… much.


3 thoughts on “We Can Never Be Truly Free of Judgement or Bias

  1. ahaha..I totally agree with so many of these! I think the one that hits me the most is the jacked up huge trucks that people drive! I recently built my own house and was told that there are laws and regulations about how much insulation I have to have to make sure my home is “green” and “energy-efficient” and this is a LAW, nevermind the kinds of windows and doors and heating system I have to have. But yet, there is no law on some asshole driving a huge truck around when he has an office job and doesn’t need to haul ANYTHING, ever. It drives me insane! I just don’t understand why people have these if they don’t need them for anything. Talk about selfish!

    • You built your own house? That is awesome! I’ve always wanted to either fix up a big, old house or have a custom built log-home, but the idea of starting from scratch and doing a lot of the hands on work is appealing as well. And yeah, the laws about what you can and can’t build on your supposed personal property is ridiculous.

      I really do think the urban assault vehicles are the biggest “I don’t care about anyone but myself” status symbols.

      • I did build my own house for the past year a half. We just finally got our final Certificate of Occupancy from the town. It was SO much work, insane really. I almost wouldn’t believe I had done it if I couldn’t remember it! The whole project seems impossible, but when you realize, okay first we did this and then we did that, it really does all come together. We didn’t do everything ourselves, but most of it. I’ve been working 7 days per week, regular job and then on the house on the weekends. It’s really really nice though, now that we live there and can enjoy it. I don’t know if I really recommend it though. I mean it’s a good experience, but it’s also exhausting and frustrating. There are so many laws/regulations about what you can and can’t do. And yeah, it’s on your own land! What gives?! I totally agree about the urban assault vehicles. Drives me crazy!!

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