A Gloomy Day

It is a rainy, gloomy day today.  The kind of gray day that you just want to curl up under a blanket and watch old movie musicals or read a book you’ve read a thousand times before, maybe doze a little or cuddle with a loved one or a pet, and sip a hot beverage of your choice.  Alas, I am instead trapped at my day job, too sleepy from the weather to even escape into my fantasy world like I normally do.

I am a human barometer, as is my husband, and it seems my son has inherited this as well.  When the barometric pressure shifts and the clouds roll in, I quite literally feel as though someone is sitting on my forehead and sinuses.  My eyelids get heavy, my thoughts get fuzzy, and I occasionally get a headache.  I used to be able to tell if it got rainy out even when trapped in a windowless basement classroom.  So why oh why did we ever leave sunny southern CA with typically only one month of rainstorms to move back to the northeast?  Sometimes I wonder.  I did miss the four seasons dreadfully, and I adore a huge thunderstorm, but days and days of gloom and damp and mist make me feel much older than I am.  Guess I’m not cut out for ever living in Seattle or London.

Weather like this affects my creative productivity if I let it.  Sometimes I give myself an evening just to relax, but tonight, since I’ll have commission work to finish up, I will combat the gloom with some hot tea, a little extra vitamin D, and energetic music or funny T.V. (I’m at the stage where it’s just busy handwork, so I can watch T.V. without having it ruin the piece).  I may pep myself up with an invigorating essential oil blend on my pulse points.  I’ll also give myself the promise of a hot shower after I finish my work to soothe my stiff muscles and achy joints. 

What do you do to push yourself on when you’d rather just relax?


2 thoughts on “A Gloomy Day

    • I agree! Unfortunately, when you are contracted to finish something by a certain date, you have to finish it no matter what. I try to treat myself to a long soak in the tub once a week, and I try to relax when I can. These days, it’s probably too infrequent. But life works that way sometimes.

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