Final edits are a go!

I am on my final edits for my novella and will hopefully be ready to announce a title (and maybe a rough cover design) very soon!  I will give this particular edit for a strictly grammar/typo editor, then I will go through it one more time for the same and begin the publishing process.

I’m excited but at the same time I’m beginning to hear the ugly doubts in my head as I get closer.  I worry it is too short or not interesting enough or that thematically it falls short.  I know I’m not bored with it yet, but it’s kind of my baby.

Hopefully I will gain more confidence as I get closer to a definitive release date.

5 thoughts on “Final edits are a go!

  1. I know what you’re going through since I was just there…and still kind of am! As far as doubts are concerned, I think you have your good days and your bad days. But as my editor kept telling me, it’s a huge accomplishment to decide to do something, follow through and then really publish. Congrats!

    • Thank you for the suggestion and I will check the site out, though I tend to be superstitious about letting people see my writing before it’s “ready”. I’m more comfortable working with a few people I know personally. I’m like that with my artwork too, where I don’t like showing the rough sketches, but I Have no problem walking people through my process after the fact. Guess I need to have a few neurotic tendencies as a creative soul!

  2. Not at all, I’m like that too. I rewrote my current novel in three genres and two POV’s before I let anyone see it, It was my first novel. Actually the first person I sent the full MS to was an author I met on the internet and she turned out to be a total bitch. She read it and played head games with me, till finally I ditched her altogether. And I mean, we were being personal, friendly for over six months online chatting every day. So now I’m back to square one in terms of trusting people online. Sad, but I know she was just one headcase who played games with me and most are perfectly trustworthy etc. I am terrible at relating obvs, since I let that happen. Authors (like me) beware. (I know, too much info…)

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