Things That Raise My Spirits

When I start feeling down in the dumps or like there is too much juggling going on and not enough time/energy/caffeine in the world to get me through, if I can implement one of the following, I can lift myself back up .

The List:

  • Hearing the laughter of children, especially my son
  • Cuddling with a baby
  • Cuddling with a furry animal friend (including my husband, oh!!! zing!)
  • Putting on my favorite musical soundtracks and belting (or singing quietly if I’m at work)
  • Playing one of my instruments/singing
  • Dressing to the nines in a vintage outfit
  • Painting or drawing abstract things
  • And finally, putting on fun music and dancing wildly around the apartment, specifically this version of “Wig in a Box” by Polyphonic Spree –

In what ways do you lift your spirits?


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