Hope for us yet?

I’m going to get a little bit political and a little bit philosophical here.

This video about American wealth inequality has been floating around again lately (up on Youtube November 2012): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPKKQnijnsM&feature=player_embedded

After watching this and reading the ridiculousness of the sequester, I’ve begun thinking about our country and the generations under the Baby Boomers who are currently in power.  We younger generations have been given a pretty bum deal by our parents on several accounts – we grew up without having to learn to take care of ourselves, we were fed the lies that we can be whatever we want to be as long as we try hard enough, we were sold into higher education being the solution to all our troubles, and we were able to become addicted to the siren song of more (more technology, more food, more wealth – faster, easier, now!).  And when our bubbles were burst, we got to listen to the boomers complain about our laziness, our lack of drive, our inability to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”, while they as usual completely ignore the facts and realities.  The job market for people under 35 is horrible.  Many people fresh out of college are spending years interning (read: slave labor) or freelancing and working part-time service jobs, putting in ridiculous hours a day.  Or they try for a year and dive back into grad school, where the cycle is only pushed out for a few years.  What income we can get buys us far less than it did a few decades ago when our parents were starting out.  And the issues are not getting addressed by the current power holders because all of them are grasping at straws and gasping for breathe as they feel the world of lies that they have built crumble around them.

I often despair for we younger Americans.  We have so much stacked against us.  Many of us are third and fourth generation formula-fed babies, grown up on chemical-rich food substitutes from infancy on, so our health is extremely compromised.  We are subjected to a sub-par education that cannot foster innovation because of state mandates, many of us have been over-treated for medical issues and drugged out of our minds, and we’ve been brought up to have low-attention spans and to adhere to strictly regimented schedules.  Many of us have sleep issues, stress issues, we’re unable to relax because we don’t know how, we’re uncomfortable being disconnected from our technology for even an hour, and we do not often feel a sense of community with those around us.  And I can sense a growing resentment towards the Boomers.

It’s sad to think that corporations and wealthy non-profits and special interest groups have more of a say in our politics than we do.  That entities are placed above individuals.  And that we masses have been polarized against each other on ridiculous issues that shouldn’t even be issues.

I feel hope, though.  We are underestimated by the current power holders because they are so firmly believing that they are right – that we are lazy, that we don’t value hard work, that we are stupid and disrespectful and flighty.  And that means that we are dangerous.  We also value truth and facts, something that conveniently is ignored by much of the boomers, and we know how to research to find out the truth.  We know how to use technology to our advantage, and should the current power holders ever attempt to restrict our internet usage or dictate where we can go, there are many of us who can work around this. 

We lack organization, we definitely lack focus, but if we are pushed far enough (and we really are very close to that breaking point), then this country will see a rebirth.  And I say it’s a long time overdue.


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