Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

I’m running ragged again.  My sinuses are killing me even worse than two weeks ago, although I’m not entirely convinced that I’m actually sick.  It could very well just be my allergies or a reaction to the constant fluctuation in the weather.  It’s just frustrating because I’ve had two winters of incredible health and this winter, not so much.  Stress?  Two years of poor sleep finally catching up with me?  Too much wheat and sugar?  The fact that we’re regularly getting my son out and about and being exposed to more germs?  Probably a combination of all of the above.

I get mad when my body won’t cooperate with me.  I’m so close to releasing my novella and poetry collection, but I physically can’t push myself.  I resent my day job even more than usual because I could be using the time during the day to be getting the work I want to be doing done.  And because I feel miserable, I’m making my loved ones miserable too because of course I have to act all nice and chipper at the day job which is incredibly draining.

On the plus side, I made very good progress this weekend on my illustrations for the poetry collection, and I feel the title of my novella right on the tip of my subconscious.  So I will soon be ready to share both of those.

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