Almost Literally Dying for My Art

Let me start this post off by first saying that while I did NOT complete my illustrations for my poetry collection in the deadline I had set myself, I DID make amazing progress.  I am really pleased with the final penciling on all 8 illustrations.  I checked my black ink over the weekend and it is still good to use.  I purchased myself a new kneadable eraser to clean up my penciling prior to inking (limit smudging) and opaque white ink to pop certain highlight areas.  So after finishing another painting that I had a definite hard deadline to finish and recovering a bit on my sinus trouble, I was all ready to begin inking last night, fuzzy-head and all.  But my plastic palettes and watercolor brushes have gone into hiding.

Here’s the near-death part.  We have our living room set-up with a metal kitchen rack against one wall to house our art and business supplies.  Loveseat and art desk are perpendicular against this shelf.  My husband, after getting home from work, was helping search through the various bins and boxes (we are going to label everything at some point, I swear!) but to no avail.  So my husband leaves the room and I decide to stand on the swivel chair behind the art desk to see if I can peer behind some of the bins/boxes for the black canvas bag I keep my watercolor supplies in, and in my efforts, I place one knee on the art desk.  The art desk begins to buckle under me and I give a little shriek and grip the shelf for dear life, and my husband comes to my rescue.

I pulled something in my shoulder and jammed my wrist which is achy today, but otherwise I am fine.  The art desk is totally busted as the support leg bent and disconnected from the frame at the bottom, but it is currently usable thanks to duct tape.  We will now dump this desk when we move and hopefully upgrade.  This one has served us well since 2006, especially for a fairly cheap model.   My watercolor brushes and palettes are still missing.  So further work on my illustrations are on hold until Saturday night.

My life is a farce lately.

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