Good News, Everyone!

My husband is putting in two weeks notice at his evening job tonight!  He is getting enough freelance work from his former employer (at 3x the hourly rate of his current job) to warrant this being a relatively safe move for us for at least the next 4-5 months, and after that, we’ll have to see.

Why is this huge for us?  No more split-shifts (the freelance work is usually done while my husband is at home during the day with our son with no issues) means more happy family time and more creative time.  We’re talking two extra hours an evening at least.  It means we can get together a marketing plan for our books and other endeavors.  It means I can have time almost every day to sit and write music (something I only get once a week now if I’m lucky) so I can move ahead with developing the songs for my album and hopefully start gauging interest by June.  It means we have a shot at making LEAPS forward instead of just crawling along.

This is everything to me.  The two week countdown is going to be so hard.

Now to just get us to the point where I can leave my day job.  🙂


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