Sword of Truth Illustration Progress

I FINALLY have some pictures to share of my Sword of Truth illustration.  Please excuse the quality of the photos.  I unfortunately do most of my painting at night, and the quality of light is not optimal for photography.  They will be scanned in before being added to the poetry collection.  You probably don’t remember, but a long time ago I posted this image of the pencils (darkened to actually show the image):

Sword of Truth with Serpents

And here are the layers of ink as I’ve painted them.

First I painted in the sword with a mid-level gray (achieved by mixing water into the black ink only).


Then I decided that since I really wanted a dark background, I better do that next in case I messed it up.  No point spending hours detailing the serpents in the background if I mess up the black background.


Here is round two of the black background!  No major mistakes, but you can still see the wetness from the ink.  Both these layers were done in straight ink, although I did wet my brush a few times when the bristles started to, well, get too bristly.


And here is the final layers that I’ve added.


I’m excited to have most of the basic wash done on all eight illustrations.  Soon I will get to go back in and add the shading, then detailed line work with pen(s), and finish with popping highlights with white ink.



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