Liebster Award for New Blogs

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Thank you to  for nominating me!  I did a little research, and this Liebster Award has been around for several years, so I feel like I’m in good company.

  1. I have to post 11 fun facts about myself.
  2. I must answer 11 questions created by the award giver.
  3. I must nominate 11 other new blogs for the award (ideally with less than 200 followers).
  4. I must notify the other bloggers of the award.
  5. The nominees must in turn nominate 11 blogs for the award and carry out conditions 1 – 4 above. No tagging back to the original award giver.

First, eleven fun facts!

  1. I’m currently taking a pole fitness class thanks to a gifted Groupon, and I’m getting quite the workout.  Not about to install a pole at home though!
  2. I love to cook and bake, and being half Italian, if you are feeling down about something, my immediate response is to feed you good wholesome homemade food.
  3. I am fascinated by the concept of reincarnation but the thought of not knowing what I was before really pisses me off.
  4. As a child, I used to try to save earthworms from drowning during a storm or drying up in the hot sun after a storm.
  5. I like complex red wine that has a kick to it and dark beer.
  6. I used to have to take turns with which stuffed animal I held to fall asleep because I didn’t want any of them to feel bad.
  7. I like to sing musicals at the top of my lung when I’m driving alone.
  8. Water soothes me like nothing else.  I can sit content at the bow of a boat or on a dock for hours.
  9. I like to randomly start dancing when a song I like comes on.
  10. I have a very hard time keeping my hands off of exhibits at museums.  I’m so tactile that I want to “see” with my touch.
  11. I can be incredibly ferocious and scary when I need to be.  I liken myself to a velvet-sheathed dagger.

Answers to the questions posed by my Award giver

1. If you could live in any city, where would it be?

I’d love to give Vancouver or Seattle a try.

2. What would be your favourite holiday destination.

A grand tour of Europe.  We’re talking six months to fully immerse myself and visit as many places as possible.

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People texting on their phones when they should be fully present in the moment.

4. What is your favourite website?

My goodness, I have to choose one?  The one I visit most frequently is Girl Genius.  This is my all-time favorite web comic.  The art and story are just phenomenal.

5. Do you have a favourite restaurant or food?

Good Italian food will always be my true love (I’m half-Italian), but I love a wide variety of food.  Eating is fun.

6. Who is your celebrity idol?

I don’t idolize anyone, celebrity or otherwise.  It’s not healthy.  That being said, I would not mind inviting the entire cast of Marvel’s Avengers movie to a massive orgy with myself and my husband (not serious, but Chris Helmsworth and Robert Downey Jr. are very yummy).

7. If you had a whole day to do what you wanted to do, what would it be?

Go out and spend some time in nature (on the water, preferably), play with my son and husband for a little while, cuddle my kitties, and then create, create, create!  It’s what I do daily, except for the whole having to spend 9 hours at my day job issue.

8. What is your favourite form of travel?

Road trips with my husband!  I don’t mind the flying part of flying TOO much (although my sinuses hate it), but I hate the waiting at the airport, the feeling of grime, etc.  I have such a sense of adventure on the road, and I love getting to stop at new restaurants, pulling over for scenic views, listening to music, knitting, navigating, and having long talks.

9. What is your biggest fear?

Bees and any other stinging insect.  I can’t help it.  Also, I used to have (and am still battling) huge fear of not having enough money, which I realized is silly because we’ve never been destitute.

10. What is your favourite sport?

I don’t watch sports voluntarily!  When I was younger, I used to like playing field hockey.

11. If you were given the keys to any car, what would you want it to be?

My dream car is a teal 1957 T-bird convertible.  I don’t know what I’d do with a boat that big, but I’ve wanted one forever.

I am breaking the chain and not nominating anyone because I’m shy about that kind of thing.  But if you’d LIKE to be nominated, message me here and I’ll edit this post to include your nomination. 


3 thoughts on “Liebster Award for New Blogs

  1. Congrats on your award, Kat! And look at us–I LOVE singing musicals at the top of my lungs (although if I’m being honest, I can be pretty much anywhere–much to my family’s chagrin)

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