Some Ebook Formatting Self-Publishing Tips

These are a smattering of tips (in no special order) that could be helpful to you when formatting/publishing your ebook.

  1. If you plan to upload both on Smashwords and Amazon (and I recommend you do), format for Smashwords first because it is FAR more difficult to format correctly for Smashwords.  Then just save a new copy for Amazon and switch out the verbiage on your title page.
  2. If you haven’t already written your work in a properly formatted template, it is helpful to copy and paste your document into notepad first and then copy and paste it into the formatted document.
  3. Save your settings as “ebook” and learn to write directly in this style if you are planning on publishing with frequency.
  4. Smashwords requires you to use preset indenting at the start of each paragraph, NOT tabs.  So, if you wrote using tab (which I did, derp), you must find/remove all tabs.
  5. To properly format for HTML settings (this is what held me up on releasing my book), if you are working in Microsoft Word (possibly true for other programs), you MUST hit enter before you Page Break or else it won’t work.

These were the sticky points for me.  So I’m sharing my new-found knowledge with you!

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