Some Honest-to-Goodness Wonderful News in the News

Sorry I’ve dropped off the radar lately (and completely failed to catch up on my backlog – must remedy that soon!), but my husband and I are still churning over the “where to live/how to proceed with life” issue.  We’re coming to a hard decision that will HOPEFULLY help us in the long run, but we’re thoroughly exploring the balance between security and risk, so we’re taking as much time as we can to decide.

But but but!!! I want to remind everyone that no matter how hard our daily struggles are, and how horrific things look in the world, there are some truly amazing things too!

Exhibit A – they have found a survivor in Bangladesh!  Not only is this great for the survivor and her family (obviously), but also for the rescuers because now they have a positive memory to grasp among the thousands of horrific ones.

Exhibit B – the escape/rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, and the unnamed daughter in Columbus, OH.  They survived against incredible odds and have literally come back from the dead to their families.  Their story will hopefully bring the plight of human slavery in the U.S. up for discussion, and maybe if other women ever find themselves in a like situation, they will be able to keep their heads and survive by thinking of these women.  I hope that they are able to eventually lead normal lives, especially that little girl.  And I wonder if they will stay in touch with each other or eventually grow too uncomfortable by the reminder of their time together.  Also, I hope this will encourage people to take a little more active interest in what is going on in the neighborhood around them.  Maybe take a chance to help those who need it.

Hearing news like this makes me feel incredibly humbled by what I consider stressful in my own life.   And it gives me a little hope for the future of humanity.


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