I am indeed going to turn and face the strange… but more on that in a moment.

Please accept my apologies for being slow to reply to comments and not posting, liking, or commenting this week.  It has been a… ummm… momentous and scary and wonderful and stressful and mind-wrenching couple of weeks.

I put in my four weeks notice at work today.  We are moving in with my father in another city at the end of June.  When I told him that we were considering buying a house here, he told me that it was a crazy decision to lock ourselves in like that in a life we don’t want.  He generously offered his entire upstairs to us while he takes the finished basement for up to two years, and he has enough odd jobs for my husband through the summer at least that we’ll be able to build up our savings.  Come fall, if we haven’t been able to maximize some of our income streams, one or the other of us will find some kind of “real” job, but in the meantime, I get to be the primary one home with my son this summer, we’ll get more time to devote to building the business, I may be able to qualify for some free small business classes through the state, and we can have the time and build up savings to decide what we want to do for the next portion of our lives… it’s a huge decision, but it is the one that will give us a real opportunity to make some progress towards being entrepreneurs and working craftspeople.  Work is sorry to see me go, but not sorry enough to make a real effort in raising my salary/job status to where I need it to be (or even halfway, which I would’ve considered).  C’est la vie.  I’m sad to leave my coworkers, and I feel bad for the ones that will have to pick up the slack until whomever is hired to replace me is fully trained, but I couldn’t let us be trapped in another 12 month lease with no hopes of advancement at this company.  We are leaping, which is scary, but we’ve got a safety net underneath us now if we do fail.

What this means for the creative work:

Writing – I will NOT be able to finish the illustrations and get the poetry collection out before we leave.  But I do hope to get a free short story out and continue progress on my graphic novel and outline my 12 free short story series to dive into as soon as we are somewhat settled.

Art – is kind of on hold, except for one gift that I have to make.  I will continue to sketch a couple of times a week but won’t feel bad that I’m not making it an every day thing.

Music – I will continue to play music, but it will probably go back down to 3ish times per week instead of every day as we will need lots of time to purge and pack over the next month and 1/2.

Freelance work – will continue up until probably the last week.  I hope to maintain the relationship I have and maybe build it.

Product development – I have to continue making plans for my hoped-for business venture.  I need to experiment with samples before making actual samples.

I know this is going to be difficult, adjusting to the new living arrangements, making new schedules, etc., but I am also really looking forward to taking charge of our own destinies again instead of feeling trapped.  I’m excited to explore options for freelancing and optimizing income streams, I’m excited to push forward towards being self-employed, I’m excited to forge deeper bonds with my family as an adult, and I’m VERY excited to get to be the primary caregiver of my son for the summer and to be able to spend a little more time cooking nourishing food for us all.  Once we’re settled, we’re going to start doing themed weeks and more creative activities with him.  And when my husband isn’t working for my father, we’ll be splitting our “work” time so we can both accomplish much more during the day than we currently are.

So yeah, this is happening.  We’re crazy, but you probably knew that already by reading this blog.  :-p


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