I Always Go Back to the Music

Yesterday was a really rough day for me.  I was a bit of a roller coaster as my day job (which I leave in 2 1/2 days!) had a farewell luncheon for me and another coworker who is moving and our VP said some very nice things about me (I’m very hard to replace, but evidently not so difficult to replace to want to pay me more money), but then I found out that nepotism at it’s worst has been going on and that chafed me.  That coupled with things being really busy job-wise and the stress of packing and moving just pushed down on me.

So I emailed my husband and warned him I might need to cry when I got home just to relieve the pressure, but then I also realized I hadn’t played any of my instruments or sang (beyond nursery rhymes for my son) in over a week.  After dinner, I had my husband wrangle my son and played the piano and sang.  I pulled out my “Les Mis” piano book and belted melancholy showtunes and voila, no tears necessary!

My music has always been my biggest stress release.  I can remember being an angsty teen and going to my flute and playing with the tears just streaming down my face.  When I’m at my darkest and saddest, the music pulls me from the abyss.  One of my friends in grad school used to send me to an empty classroom with a piano if I got too cranky or weepy.  Because even though I KNOW I need the music, I get so busy doing other things that I sometimes block out the urge to play and sing.

What kind of stress-release do you all have?  Beyond music, I like to bake and do handcrafts.  I find it soothing.  My husband likes to do dishes when he’s  angry or distraught.  And no, I don’t piss him off on purpose just to get clean dishes, but it’s a thought.  A lot of members of my family turn to food for comfort, which isn’t healthy and is something I’ve had to break myself of.  My sister rides her horse.  There seems to be some trick about keeping the hands busy and occupying the mind just enough to take you away from the stressful situation but that isn’t TOO taxing on the brain.


6 thoughts on “I Always Go Back to the Music

  1. I like music too when I’m upset, both listening to certain things and also playing myself. I like to sing too and I had 8 years of piano lessons so I definitely feel you with how it feels to let yourself feel through music. I also like to listen and sing in the car, my depressing favorites! There’s some good 90’s stuff or 60’s and 70’s. I feel like music has so much power to influence my mood. If I’m working around the house, I have to have music. I have to have it in the car and I can’t keep quiet! Great post!

    • Thanks! Yeah, 90s music is great for that, and some of the “girl singers” of the sixties like Leslie Gore and Sandy Posey are so depressing with their lyrics but so upbeat in the melody.

  2. Sorry to hear that you had a bad day but I really admire you for being able to deal with it so well. I find it really hard when I am down, stress relief for me is definitely writing although if that’s not going so well then it can be a double edged sword! Sadly I have been known to turn to the chocolate…..

    • Well, the stress is to be expected leading up to the move and BIG LIFE CHANGES OH MY, so at least I wasn’t blindsided by it. 🙂 And if I end up turning to food for comfort, I tend to reach for salt, like a pile of French fries or (when I was younger) Doritos dipped in sour cream (don’t judge – ha!).

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