Deena Metzger’s Writing for Your Life

I have been rereading and working through the writing exercises from  Writing for Your Life.   Deena Metzger is one of my favorite authors, and she is who I return to whenever I need to travel the depths of my soul.  It was Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way that first made me acknowledge that it was okay to be an artist and that I had something worth saying, but it was through reading Metzger that I first felt the burning need to connect my inner and my outer worlds.

This quote I read last night in Writing for Your Life is amazing.

The next questions are based on this idea that creativity is born in each of us, and they require us to answer with stringent honesty: What are the gifts that we’ve been given?  To deny that we are gifted is, perhaps, to indulge in false humility, which allows us to shirk our responsibility to the gift.  But the gift is a sacred trust.  It asks something of us.  It asks that we accept it and temporarily become its guardian. It asks that we develop it.  And then it asks that we pass it on.

I came across Deena Metzger in grad school while getting my MFA, and it is through reading her work that I’ve come to feel a sense of responsibility as an artist, and indeed as a person as a whole.  I am more mindful, more gracious, and more able to focus when I work with the deep internal connections that I’ve developed over the years.  I’ve become stronger and more substantial in my work as well.  If you are interested in developing yourself creatively, I highly recommend this book.