Writing Confessions

Confession: I have a hard time keeping deadlines that I set for myself.  Meeting contracted obligations are no problem at all, but meeting the deadlines I set for myself are next to impossible for me.  Maybe I need to write myself contracts?

I was supposed to have finished “The Cephalopod Maid” Friday.  Then I was supposed to have finished it today.  But I am having a really difficult time keeping focused for longer periods of writing time.  I had gotten so used to carving out 100 words here, 300 words there, 500 words on an absolutely glorious writing day that now that I have an hour or more to write every day, I let myself get distracted after only a few paragraphs.  Not good, so not good.

But I will get used to the shift.  I’ll finish this story, because I’m really enjoying the two main characters.  Maybe it will lead to a longer story with them down the road.  And I’ll get my daily wordcount higher.  My brain will adjust to focusing for longer periods on writing again. I can’t beat myself up too much.  Well, I can, but there’s no reason to… this time.


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