A Kick in the Pants, or I Can Haz Motiv8ion?

Sorry for the Internet lingo.  It’s painful to me.  SO PAINFUL.  But I’ll leave it.

Today I received some news that means we won’t have the easy financial path open to us on our quest towards creative fulfillment and a life of self-employment.  It was a path I hadn’t even considered but had suggested to me, and it would have provided the bare bones needed for our survival now that we’re living with my father so that all other income could be put towards the business (materials, marketing, etc) and savings.   The answer of “yes” or “no” was about two weeks delayed, which is annoying especially as it’s a no go.  So now, we need to maximize our income streams a little sooner than later if we want to have any hope of doing this full time.  It means we have to push commissions a little more and potentially do a little less creative work (but still self-employed work) for a while.  Because if we can’t, one of us will go back to office work so we can continue to inch ahead.

This was the wake up call I needed.  It’s been so difficult to want to do ANYTHING lately with the heat and humidity and dealing with a teething toddler and adjusting to the move, but this is it.  Our one chance to leap ahead rather than crawl.  We have to take the chance.  We’ll make adjustments to our plans, bust our asses, and not sleep very much in the next month and a half.  You may not see a lot of the fruit of that labor here, but you’ll get to enjoy some of it.

In a way, I’m glad the easy path didn’t work out.  It would have felt strange.  Anything worth having is worth struggling for.  Although I will admit that having a bit bigger of a financial safety net would have been really nice, it obviously wasn’t meant to be.  Anyway, I’ve spent tonight contacting several local businesses about freelance work, created a press release and answered interview questions for Penumbra, and did some work on an online commission.  I wasn’t in the state of mind to write, but I will tomorrow.  My husband is working for my father this weekend, but we are planning a full-out business/planning meeting for Monday when my in-laws will have my son.  Now that we know WHICH path we have to take, we can plan the next several steps.  The waiting was the worst part.

Now, the wait is over.  And I’m going into super-active mode.


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