Busy Busy Busy

I’ve just completed my first blog tour with Discover Authors.  It was a success in that I’ve gotten some new followers (hello!) and am now aware of 9 more authors out there than I was before, but unsuccessful in that not a single person signed up for my ebook giveaway.  I can’t even GIVE Penumbra away.  But that’s okay.  I’m really not overly concerned about it at this point as I am swamped with deadlines.

I’ve got two commissions that need to ship out early next week, and I’ve got a job interview on Thursday that is actually in my field!  My portfolio, however, is in a massive state of disarray, so now I had to take time today to prep photos for printing, and tomorrow I have to assemble the darn thing, in addition to normal interview prepping (printing out C.V., having a list of questions to ask so I seem interested) and I need to get enough sleep tomorrow night so I can be charming at the interview which means that work on the commissions will need to get pushed back to this weekend, which means I basically won’t be sleeping at all this weekend.  Ironically, the interview is in the city we just moved from, so if I get the job and the pay is high enough that I accept their offer, we’ll be moving back to where we just left.

So, needless to say, no work has been done on illustrations or writing.  I’ve had to forgo playing my flute and piano, although I’ve been singing along while I work.  My stress level is building so much, though, that I think I’ll force myself to play my flute tomorrow.  I haven’t taken the time to meditate, and I feel bad for my husband at this point dealing with me.

I do have some blog ideas in the works, and I hope to start incorporating more images to make this space more visually interesting.


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