I’m Back and Picking Up the Pieces

I finally finished my commissions which have been devouring my life for the past few weeks.  I am proud of the work I did, but I definitely put in more hours than I was getting paid for these past few, which makes me feel a bit hypocritical since I preach “get paid what you’re worth” up and down here on this blog.  But, I always underestimate the amount of time it takes to make something.  Always.  So I can either start charging more or I can take shortcuts and make a less quality product.  Something I need to consider for the future.

I’m on tenterhooks waiting to hear back from the job I interviewed for.  It’s at a school, and a staff position is less important than getting teachers in the classrooms for the first day  of school, so I’m not surprised I haven’t heard yet.  On the plus side, I have a conference call tomorrow to potentially do long-term part-time work also in my field-ish.  I’m not sure which I would prefer, honestly. The first is a full-time job with great pay and amazing benefits but requires me to commute back to the city we just moved from until we can move back there (a 3 hour round-trip commute – not really unheard of for me since I lived in the Los Angeles area for a long time, but still, a lot of time away from my son), the second will give us juuuust enough money to live on (maybe) and give us more time to spend trying to push our own business forward.  I’m not guaranteed either position, but I just want to know!!!

Anyway, I’m excited to have some time to do my other creative work again.  To write and paint and make music.  Today, I am going to clean my office/workspace because it looks like a tornado hit it, spend some quality time with my son, grab coffee with a friend, and then share a bottle of wine tonight with my husband and relax.  I think I’ve earned it.

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