A Treasure Trove of Story Ideas

My new contract job currently gives me quite a bit of free time in between working (on the clock, which is nice), which I spend knitting or crocheting, sketching, journaling, or writing short pieces that may turn into poems or songs down the road.  One of the journals that I’m using for poetry ideas also contains years of story ideas that I’ve had, and I spent the other night reading through them.  And now I have all of these stories clamoring for attention again.  I feel guilty, because I can’t even get through a short story in a timely matter it seems, and all of these ideas are interesting, and the characters have stories that want to be told.

I sometimes worry that I’m really a much better idea person than implementer.  But I wouldn’t want to just pass my ideas off on someone else.  It’s a conundrum, to be sure.

How do you get your story ideas?  For me, I usually get one vivid scene in my mind – could be the introduction of the main character, could be a vital part of the plot mid-action, could be the climax even.  And my brain gets incredibly interested in the character and the world that the scene is happening in, and everything unfolds from there.  As I think about the story and the character, I sometimes can’t sleep at night because more and more scenes start to play out in my head.  Reading through just the brief notations and paragraphs on each of my old story ideas was enough to trigger some of these inner scenes for me and leave me feeling torn on what story projects to work on.  But I have to focus and get through the two I’m currently working on (“The Cephalopod Maid” and my as-yet unrevealed graphic novel that I will be partnering with my husband on) so I can actually return to these ideas eventually.

So many stories.  So little time.


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