On Writing and Creative Endeavors in General

I recently saw a production of Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit”, and one throwaway line has haunted me.  The medium is asked if she is working on any writing at the moment, and she replies “Every morning, 7 to 1, regular as clockwork.”

Six HOURS daily to write!  Tonight, I wrote for an hour and fifteen minutes, and I found myself so easily distracted because I’m not used to having that amount of time to dedicate.  But SIX HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY.  What couldn’t I accomplish if I had six hours every day to work on my creative goals, plus an hour maybe to exercise?

Aside from school, though, I’ve never had that time to commit.  And one could argue that school doesn’t really count because then you are doing what other people want you to do for the sake of education.  The projects may contain your life’s blood, but probably not the very essence of your soul.

I will continue to carve out the time I can to work on my creative projects, and I hope that someday I too can say I spend six hours a day writing or painting or making music or making things with my hands for other people to buy and love, and that the rest of my day is spent with my family, helping my son and any future children to grow into wonderful human beings, cooking nourishing food, maybe time to nurture myself a little along the way with meditation and exercise and relaxing with a good book.  It’s a beautiful dream.  I hope we get there some day.


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