Writing Schedule

I’m back to a regular-ish writing schedule, which feels great.  But starting Saturday, I have another rough week at my contract job (one more super rough week at the end of November), so I probably won’t be doing much writing after tomorrow for at least a week and 1/2.  I’m going to try, but I’m not positive that I can do it.  When I have my crazy schedule, every free moment I’m home, I’m spending with my son if he’s awake.  And I get home too late and too drained to want to do anything beyond have a snack and unwind at night.

But knowing that I’m making good progress on two writing projects makes me feel great.  And knowing that I’ll take the time to work on my sketching during my contract job makes me feel great too.  I may not be pumping out the amount of work that I had first planned when I began this blog a little over a year ago, but I’m doing what I can.  And that is all the difference in the world for me.



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