Going Within

I’ve been undergoing an inward shift in my philosophy these past few weeks, which is why I haven’t been posting.  I’ve had to spend some time in my head, sorting things out.

And what is the shift?  I’ve begun contemplating my own, and our species in general, animal nature.  Not in a nihilistic way, but in a very open, questing way.   How much of my life is guided by instinct, by the very make up of my body and mind?  And how much by the trappings of civilization?  Which is a healthier and better way to live?

There is a lot to consider here.  Mankind has long tried to prove what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.  But perhaps the most marked separation remains that we are the only one to torture and kill both other species and its own.  We are the only one that uses imagination to create living nightmares.  So is that part of our human instinct or a fault of civilization?  I’ve been finding it fascinating to think on this.

What has contemplating my own animal nature done for me?  I have become accepting of living in the moment more.  I have become intensely sensual, in that I’ve become more aware of each of my senses and my body as a whole.  And I want to fill those senses to the brim til I feel like I’m going to drown.  I’ve been wanting more human-to-human contact too, so I’ve been much more “huggy” of late.

I’m not sure how this will come out in my creative life, but I’ve got some more sketches to share this week.


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