Editing, editing, editing…

My proof came in!  I was so excited to see The Little Book of Insurrection… as a hard copy.  But I had so many typos on it, including a huge one on the front cover!  That’s why we get proofs, I guess.

I was more concerned with making sure all the pages were numbered correctly, the illustrations were lined up and set where I wanted them to be, and the table of contents matched the rest of the book that I forgot to double check the verbiage of the poems themselves, even though I retyped them rather than copy and pasted them.  So there are several words where I dropped a letter or two from the end.  I also questioned a couple of word choices and may switch to a different word, but I need to decide definitively what image I’m trying to create.  And finally, I’m tweaking some of the punctuation that I’ve included in the poems.  So much of reading a poem is actually taking it in visually too, so I’m actually considering how it looks on the page as part of the formatting and editing.

I’ve made all my edits (after going through several times) in the proof itself, and now I’m letting them simmer for a couple of days.  Tomorrow I’ll go through and correct the digital files and move forward from there.  Exciting times!


10 thoughts on “Editing, editing, editing…

    • Ha! Thanks! It would have been extremely embarrassing for both the cover designer and I if my name continued to be spelled incorrectly. :-p We were both so much more concerned with the visual look. Whoops!

  1. I personally love proofing 🙂 It’s so fun to curl up with your book and a red pen and go to town! Although the part that comes after — the actually fixing the problems part — isn’t quite as fun. Could you take a picture of the front cover? I really really really love typos, lol.

      • Oh yay! It looks great! It reminds me of Sons of Anarchy … which is weird, because I’ve never watched that show, nor do I know anything about it. Lol. And seriously, typos are the best. And you never notice them until someone else points them out whilst sarcastically saying, “I thought you were a WRITER”. Bah!

      • Seriously! Sometimes I have that problem when I talk, too. I described a dessert I made as “white chocolate… stuff” and I just wanted to bury my head. I’m a writer who paints beautiful word pictures, but I sometimes speak no good. 😉

      • One Christmas (this was back in high school), I spent the entire break playing video games and watching movies — aka not reading or writing. When I got back to school, I was sitting in class about to start answering a question, and I stopped and thought “How the heck do I spell “to”? It’s not T-O, because that sounds like “toe”. It’s not T-E-W, because that’s not a word. I want to say T-O-O, but that’s definitely not right. Ahhhhhh!” I eventually figured it out, but man, those moments are just the worst, lol.

      • Too funny! “The” looks like it can’t possibly be spelled that way to me ALL THE TIME, especially after a marathon writing session.

      • Oh my god. I was literally designing a magnet for my car this morning to promote my book, and after trying out the title (Imminent Danger) in various fonts, I stopped, looked at it, and was like … that IS how it’s spelled, right? Two Ms in “imminent” … wow, I never noticed there’s a “dang” in “danger” … etc. 😀

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