A Status Report

So, one of the reasons I started this blog was to hold myself accountable on my way-too-many projects.

  • The Cephalopod Maid round one edits have been completed, and my husband has given it a once over as well. I haven’t touched it since he has though because I can’t think about major edits at the moment as my attention has been focused on…
  • Redoing my portfolio. I have an interview next week in my former field, and another company is reviewing my materials, both for work later this year. The portfolio redo is based on a wonderful and eye-opening meeting I had with a higher up at the company I was doing contract work for last fall. I will hopefully be done with this by Saturday, as my interview is scheduled for early next week.
  • For the portfolio, I’ve been painting the past week and 1/2 to finish a project I started back in 2007 (mentioned it in an earlier blog post).
  • I have made steady progress on the story for my graphic novel.  I’m estimating I’m between 1/3 and 1/2 way through. I’ve basically been writing a single scene at a time whenever I can.
  • I’ve started the research on my first Dangerous Women portrait.  Once I do a bit more in depth research, I’ll do a post on her. I’m already super excited. Yes, I’m a major history nerd. Deal with it.
  • I’ve begun playing my flute more frequently. Also music-related, I’ve begun researching, collecting, and singing more jazz music. I’m trying to get up the chops to see if any local jazz groups would let me sit in on a set with them occasionally or even just jam in rehearsal, just to get me used to performing in front of people again.

Unfortunately, my main goal this spring is to take on as much paying work as possible to build our savings up, which will give us the flexibility to relocate to wherever we decide we’re relocating to. So I am not going to give any tentative release dates on anything, other than to say The Cephalopod Maid will be soonish, and my goal is to still release the first three Dangerous Women portraits and at least one longer work of fiction by the end of 2014.


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