I have a shiny, clean flute!

And that is NOT a euphemism!!! teehee

I dropped my flute off for a thorough cleaning last week, including having the pads checked out and replaced if necessary, and I got to pick it up today. They actually took the entire instrument apart, cleaned each individual piece, and put it back together. And they kindly stitched up a couple of holes on my carrying case for free.

The cleaning was long overdue, and now that I have the money invested into the flute, I am much more likely to follow through on finding a group to jam with in the next month or so, to get “earnings” back on my investment. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but I could probably keep an entire separate blog dedicated to the mind games I play on myself to trick myself into doing the things I should just do to keep me happy. But… maybe part of the fun is playing self-mind games? At least manipulating myself is better than manipulating other people. Much more productive too, in the long run.

So… I’m going to go test out my shiny now. I’ll try not to talk to it and whisper “preciousss…”. I might not be able to succeed.


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