When the Music Muse Strikes…

Almost two weeks ago, I woke up at 3AM with a song fully formed in my head – melody line, half the lyrics, chord progression playing out. It has been nearly a decade since this last happened, which is exciting. It means I’m tapping into my musically-inclined side of my creativity more. I repeated the melody and lyrics to myself, sleepily, and after tossing and turning for a while, went back to sleep. I’m of the firm belief that an idea worth keeping will remain in the morning.

I spent the next day wrestling with the lyrics a bit, adding the middle verse that was lacking. Later that week, I used my flute to figure out the notes for the melody line and wrote it down on staff paper. Today, finally, when I was able to get my piano, I laid out most of the chords. Now I just need to tweak and have time to sit with my music software to relearn it (at least a couple of months from now), but in the meantime, I have a new song!

It’s a very simple song, but bluesy and sexy and unlike anything I’ve written before. The simplicity of the melody line and chord structure very much will depend on the instrumentation in the solo sections, either done in a traditional jazz style or in a dreamlike electronica style, or I could do a version of each someday. The title of it is Come to Me.

As far as all my other writing and art projects go, I’m chipping away. Last week was an awful one as far as my freelance work goes, which I may blog about later this week if I have time, but I am trying to carve out what little time I can to keep myself happily creating.


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