NYC Interlude

Wow, I’ve been really bad about posting here of late, haven’t I? I guess that’s what happens when I’m swamped in work. And last week, I got to travel for my contract job to NYC.  I worked intensely for a day and 1/2, and what did I do the rest of the time?

Well, not NOTHING, as it is NYC. You’d have to try really hard to have nothing to do. But it felt like nothing to me, after the pace at which I’ve been going these past several months. I saw a show, socialized, did yoga on a dock in Gantry Park, played with my son in some spare moments, and just sat for a long while under a tree enjoying the feel of the breeze and the peace. I didn’t touch anything extra that I had brought to work on. It was restorative, and also a little surprising to me that I would find a way to relax on a work trip, especially in a city as crowded as NYC.

Of course, I had to make up the time on my other freelance obligations when I got back, but it was well worth it.

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