Sketch in Conte Crayon

I sketched last week in conte for the first time in a very long time. It can get a bit messy when working in this medium, and when you are the mother of a young child, the last thing you want is one more mess to have to clean up. But I had forgotten how much I enjoy using conte, and with similar mess factor, pastels and charcoal. Even china markers satisfy me somehow that pencils cannot. There is just such an immediacy to the line work and shading, and the weight of it is compelling to me on the page.

In further art news, I have purchased my necessary paints and illustration board to begin my first “Dangerous Women” portrait, but I’m going to do a practice painting first as I’ve decided to use gouache, and it’s again been years since I’ve worked with that, since I’ve favored liquid watercolors for a very long time. I also hope to finish my acrylic abstract this week.

Generally, I’m getting back into a regular practice on art, writing, and music. And I’ve had an interesting offer career-wise that may give me some steady income while allowing me the time to be the mother and artist I want to be. Hopefully that will be solidified by the end of the week, and I can talk about future plans then.


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