Doing My Civic Duty

I am not writing this as a humble-brag, nor am I trying to guilt any of you into following my example, but I just followed through on what I had suggested in #1 of my Practical List of Options in Response to Ferguson and emailed my senator, congressman, and the president (under my actual name) during my allotted writing time today. And I am telling you this to let you know that I do indeed practice what I preach, although it may take me a few days longer than I would like due to time constraints. It’s important to do that, I think – follow the advice you give out and take action, whatever action you can take, to the best of your ability.

So now I’ve become one of those letter writers, which I have only done once since being forced to do it as a senior in high school in our Government class. Will it do any good? Maybe not. Probably not. But now I’ve voiced my opinion in yet another forum. And maybe it will make one of the three mention something in a meeting or press conference regarding either inequality in America or the militarized police we exist with today. Which will keep the dialogue going, which is perhaps the most important aspect towards getting real change to occur.

Oh well, it’s out of my hands now. And I get to look forward to three form letters arriving by mail now. Yay for something other than credit card offers!


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