A New Path

I am officially starting my sweet new gig tomorrow.

Why is it so amazingly awesome?

  • It is a part-time salaried position with flexible hours at the place I did freelance work in my former field earlier this year, designed to give me a steady paycheck week-to-week while allowing me the freedom to get my assignments done. Flexible in that I can work many of the hours at any time I want (aside from scheduled meetings, of course) with many of those hours from home, and also in that if I work extra hours one week out of necessity, I am to work less in the following weeks. They want me to keep a spreadsheet and make sure I am not working extra hours.
  • I can have my son with me whenever I need to. This is obviously huge for me. He’s already sat in on some meetings, and as we start to introduce some homeschooling for him (he’s 3 1/2 now), he will have more to occupy him while I’m doing work and simultaneously spending time with him. And with the flexible hours, I can still just play with him a lot. My husband had a promising interview last week, and if that comes through, we may end up having to do a once-a-week session at an at-home caregiver for our son, but that might be good for his socialization anyway.
  • I get paid an additional fee for any extra projects I do, which means all told, I’ll make as much working part-time as I did at my former full-time office job. Not a princely sum, by any means, but enough to survive on, meaning any freelance work I take on can go into savings.
  • I can stop working through the shop, but I left the door open to pick up work if I need/want it. That is a stress I am glad to no longer have to deal with. Plus, if I pick up freelance work rather than work through the shop, I make a lot more.
  • I get to be in charge of my own little empire in this organization. Tasks need to get done, but how they get done will be on my shoulders to figure out.
  • If I’m very careful with my time-management, I will have time to work on all of the creative projects that I have going on both here under the Kat Micari name and in freelance work under my real name. In fact, I am in talks right now to do my biggest freelance job yet. And I’m considering taking a few months of vocal lessons every other week and trying to get out to a life drawing drop-in class at least once a month. Which is very exciting.

The happiest part about the whole situation is finally starting to put roots down someplace and settle into a home base. We’ve held off on so much these past several years because we didn’t know when we’d pick up and move, both for ourselves and our son. So we are changing all of that!


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