Creating Can Make Time Stop

I was struck again the other day by the enormous power of the creative process. The way tapping into the mind like that disconnects you from the reality of anything else around you for a while. Time ceases to exist in the same way, and all of sudden something brings you back and there is a sense of “how did two hours just go by?”, and you feel tired but rested and renewed at the same time. It doesn’t matter what kind of creative task it is – and I include tinkering with anything and everything from cars to home improvement to playing with Lego blocks under the creative heading – that feeling happens and it feels amazing.

Many people go months at a time without experiencing this, either out of necessity or choice in the current craziness of their daily schedules. And that is depressing to consider. For me, it is the equivalent of unstructured playtime that children are also lacking today. Adults need to allow themselves time to “play” with what they are most interested in, as much as children do.

When was the last time you felt time stop, in a positive way? What makes you happiest to work on? Can you find ways to allow yourself for opportunities to feel that way?


3 thoughts on “Creating Can Make Time Stop

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