Color and Texture Palettes

I’ve been scouring my old hard drive for images from old projects to use online for my other creative life/career, and I came across a color palette I made for a project years ago and found that it speaks to me right now. I don’t want to post it because I both cut images out of magazines and printed fractals from online to cut out snippets of, and as they were more of a personal tool to further my own work, I never kept any of my source information. But trust me, they are beautiful. Fractals especially can inspire me.

I don’t really use palettes too much any more as my current gig doesn’t require that depth of thought. I more just have to explain what I’m going to do and then realize it, with no sketching at all. But in the past, I found using them very useful for both setting the emotional tone of a work and for inspiring textures and movement of the various elements used. One more way to disconnect from the logical part of my brain and move to the fluid, creative part. It may even be useful to use in writing, as a way to get a visual image of a main character’s inner self.

Do you use palettes? Pinterest is a tool a lot of artists are using now instead of creating physical palettes, but I think you lose something by not physically cutting out organic shapes and collaging them together.

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