Figure Drawing Sketch – Reclining Woman


I’ve started sketching in meetings when the topics turn to items that don’t involve me. Part of my efforts to really make all available use of the time I have. Fortunately, my work is in an artistic environment, and no one is going to get offended by my drawing naked people out of my figure drawing book.

This pose is tougher than appears, and I relied on my eraser more than I should have. But I kept getting distracted.

9 thoughts on “Figure Drawing Sketch – Reclining Woman

    • If you can find a life drawing class with a decent teacher, I highly recommend taking a course in it. The trick is training yourself to draw what you actually see (but from your unique view) instead of what you expect it to look like, and getting untrained is much easier when someone’s looking over your shoulder. šŸ™‚

      A lot of places are also now doing socializing events around sketching, so you can go and get a drink and sketch with fellow artists off of a live model (usually clothed or draped in some way in a bar setting). I’m going to my first in the city I’m currently living in this weekend!

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