Some Life Lessons from the Past Couple of Weeks

  • The closer you are to certain goals, the more difficult your path becomes, both within yourself and externally. Almost as though we each must follow the “hero’s quest” in actuality and slay all of our inner and outer dragons. Note: this is really, really annoying.
  • Synchronicity continues growing exponentially, even in the face of the more difficult journey. If you are on a true path, you will have assistance in fighting your way through.
  • Life occasionally will throw something so ridiculous in your face that it will drop your jaw and make you chuckle ruefully for days.
  • It is not always the easiest or simplest choice to be positive or act from love, or even to act at all. Some days, even when everything appears to be sunshine and rainbows, you can want to just stay in bed or be angry or sad. The thousand pinpricks that we all deal with every day can add up to a massive wound seemingly out of no where. The strongest thing you can do is to be willing to treat yourself compassionately when you feel this way. Acknowledge the validity of the feelings and let them go.
  • And here’s the most important lesson I had driven home to me this week, one that I vaguely knew but never articulated. There will be times in this life that you cannot help another person, however much you might want to, because there will be nothing that you can do for them besides hold them and experience their pain with them. And it is so important when you feel powerless in a situation like that to take a step outside yourself and not make it about you, but about the person you hold dear and want so desperately to make everything better for. Everyone has to experience pain, and maybe if we were more willing to just simply be there for each other, we would find the pain easier to bear and to share. I think this is maybe important on a societal level too. We’re so quick to make everything about ourselves rather than acknowledging the validity of others.

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