The Turning of the Year

Christmas celebrations are (almost) over, and my little family and I have had a much needed quiet 24 hours. I know that I am fortunate to have people who love us and want to see us, but I get worn out and long for solitude. (One of my friends with two young children actually asked for and received time in a flotation pod from her husband, and she’s been calling it a sensory deprivation tank and spoke of it with glee. I can’t wait to hear back from her on how she liked it.). Regardless of how worn out I am, it was a surprisingly stress-free holiday week. And now we have our third annual Writer/Artist retreat to look forward to in a couple of days.

We did not manage any extra retreats this past year, and, because of scheduling, we’ll only have two nights on this retreat, but we still plan to accomplish a lot. Getting together with our friends, sharing dreams and wishes and hopes, having time to focus specifically on creating and laying aside everything else for a couple of days – I can’t believe I ever brought in the New Year in other ways. I don’t think I’m going to make any specific goals, other than to finally finish the draft of my graphic novel that I’ve kept putting off finishing, but I will bring some painting and other writing to work on as well.

I’ll make what has become my customary year-end review of my creative work and my New Year’s post of what I hope to accomplish personally and creatively in the coming year.  I’ll try to be kind to myself, too.

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