The Process – Rough Sketches

I wasn’t sure I would ever be sharing this part of my creative process with you, but I am. Doodles and rough sketching are a VERY important part of creating for me. It is where I can make and discard and grow ideas at a rapid rate, flesh out a barely conscious idea, and not stress about the “finished product”. I get to play with thoughts on texture and draping. My roughs, though, tend to be very rough. The line work gets dark fast. My hands get messy. The proportions are sometimes way off. But I can tell if I want to take the idea further.


This is a rough sketch I recently did and that I’m contemplating what I want to change about it (besides fixing proportions, etc) or if I want to just leave it for a while. If I do decide to go forward on it, I’ll sketch detailed drawings of just the texture of the fabric of the skirt or the hair. I’ll play with some different color combinations and decide what it is exactly that is coming from or entering her mouth, which will set the tone for the whole piece. The image has been altered to pop the pencil lines slightly.


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