Music is a Gift

My husband recovered our digital music collection from our old hard drive last week, and it is the greatest gift I have gotten in a long time. We thought the collection possibly lost, as the old hard drive overheats quickly and our new hard drive had a fall in the summer from our toddler and has since been sitting in a recovery shop (they swear they think they can fix it). So since summer, I’ve been relying on the few CDs not in storage and on the albums my husband and I each had saved to our laptops or listening to Internet radio. It was not enough.

Almost every plan I have made lately that would have energized, healed, and/or rejuvenated me has fallen apart, due to situations outside my control. I’ve been understanding and tried to calmly take it as it comes, but I’m severely scraping the bottom of my barrel. I described myself the other day as currently heartsick and soulweary. Suddenly having access to over 19,000 songs (2 people x 2+ decades) that I thought possibly lost to me forever, being able to sing along to old favorites or listen to project-appropriate music or have a really good dance party with my son, soothes me at a time that I really need soothing. Not that I’m suddenly complacent or numb, but the music is a balm that makes it easier to work through what needs working. And I always have something that needs working.

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