Organizing, Making Decisions, and Sticking to a Schedule

I have been on a massive internal organization kick lately, overhauling how I work and when I work on what kind of projects, giving a new priority to building both my career and my local presence, and re-thinking how I parcel out my days. I’ve cut down vastly on my online time, and I’ve implementing new focus in promoting myself on all fronts while balancing actual creation time and family time and work time. It helps that this is a calm-ish month at my job.

It also has come the time for us to begin making very serious decisions again for our family, regarding my son’s future in or out of school, which may involve a move to a different district, and that will determine a lot in the coming months for us. We need to take a serious look at our definite income for the next half year and decide what we need to do moving forward, which means spreadsheets and research. All that nasty stuff that is frequently difficult for creatives to do. Fortunately, the years spent working in between school and creative jobs in the financial industry at least has equipped me with the knowledge I need to forge ahead on this. It’s just incredibly distasteful and not fun.

But I have already noticed so much progress on all creative fronts! Which is a good thing. And I’m also very careful to schedule some down time for myself everyday, which is also good. Because my work will get crazy again. so if I already have this kind of focus in place, come the end of March, I’ll be ready to go.


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